Thank you for your interest in singing with the Twin Cities Master’s Chorale.

For New Members to the Chorale

All those who wish to join the Chorale as new members who have not sung with one of Larry Bach’s university or church choirs must meet with him. These meetings are typically scheduled on the Chorale’s website.

For the Fall 2022 Semester, meetings with Larry will take place prior to our first rehearsal on September 6, at our rehearsal site — Cedar Valley Church. Those needing to meet with Larry should arrive at 6:15 pm. They will vocalize for him so that he can place them within their respective choral section. Those who need to meet with him should contact Chorale Board President, John Halvorsen (, or 651-341-8101 by phone or text) so that he can place them on the list for Larry Bach.

Former Members Wishing to Return to the Chorale

Any former member who has been absent from the Chorale for three years, or more, and who wishes to re-join the Chorale, will also need to meet and vocalize with Larry Bach prior to re-entry. These meetings are also typically scheduled on the website.

For the Fall2022 Semester, former members should follow the same scheduling plan and notification that is described for new members above.

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